My latest painting "Save Xingu"

March 7, 2013 in Amazon Rainforest, Chief Raoni, cultural survival, Indigenous, Native American artist, oil painting, Old master technique, portraits, Xingu River

“SAVE XINGU – A tribute to Casique Raoni”

The Xingu River is a 1,230 mile long river in North Brazil and is home to several Indigenous tribes who’s river-sustained way of life hangs in the balance, as the Brazilian government moves forward with its plans to construct several dams and clear the way for mining, logging and oil companies. In this painting, an abstract representation of the Xingu river is fragmenting as it descends into the red color representing the interconnected lives of the Indigenous people with that of the river. The swirling lines represent the flooding of their villages which will result from the construction of these dams, destroying ecosystems and opening the door to further environmental destruction by mining, logging and oil companies. This painting was created to raise awareness of an important global issue, in that one of the main sources of oxygen for the planet (the Amazon rainforest) is rapidly disappearing, but is isn’t getting the media attention it deserves. It’s also a tribute to the chief of the Kayapo tribe (Casique Raoni) for his life-long dedication to defending the rights of these tribes to their ancestral lands and the preservation of their culture and way of life.

16″ x 20″ Oil on Gessobord

Our Upcoming Woolaroc Museum Exhibit

March 7, 2013 in Cherokee women artists, Woolaroc Museum art exhibition

Very excited about our upcoming exhibit at the Woolaroc Museum, in May! We’d love to have you join us! Check out our new blog Cherokee Women In Art


A contemporary artist’s studio

March 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Welcome to my brandy-new blog (#3)!  I was told by blogging experts, that it’s best to hang your blog off your website (instead of using Blogger), so I switched.  Talk about a can of worms that opened!  SEO, SEV, my website migration to a faster server, widgets and plug-ins galore.   Not to mention that WordPress is far more complex than Blogger – so it’s  not quite as user friendly.   But, it does seem to allow you more options (even though it wasn’t easy figuring out how to bring my fish from the other blog).  lol (see below)  About ready to do a “theme-check” and see if it’s working the way it looks like it is.

The other night, as I walked through the French doors leading into the studio, this reflection in the glass caught my eye.


Images of both sides of the studio are overlapping, which makes some things appear like they’re floating –  including my new blog!  lol But I couldn’t have planned a more perfect studio shot, if I tried.  This one really captures the true essence of it.  To the right is a painting I did very early in my painting career.  There’s also a print of the painting most recently finished and there’s also a painting that’s in progress.  On the right is a black office chair creating the arched area that reveals the painting behind it.  And yes, a dusty ribbon! lol  I thought about taking it out and reshooting it, but I didn’t want to change one little thing about this shot.  It is what it is.  ;)